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Halloween Costume

lego maniac 

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Age: 4-8 
Time Required: 2-3 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: packing box large enough to fit over child's body, six plain white pint-size deli containers, hot glue gun and primary color spraypaint of your choice. 
Directions: cut holes out of box for child's head and arms,on the top and sides of box. The box opening should be at the bottom to allow the child to slip it on over his/her head and to walk comfortably. The box should not be too big as to impede walking or arm movement. Glue deli containers upside down in two even rows of three down the front of the box, to resemble the lego block. Spray paint. Several coats may be necessary to get even coverage. 
Comments: Optional: Child could wear sweats to match the color of the block. My boy's loved this costume 

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