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Halloween Costume


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Age: 3-10 
Time Required: 2 hrs (including paint drying time) 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: 2 cardboard boxes, one large enough for child's body, one for the head,

dryer vent tubing,

silver paint (or paint color of choice),

old bottle caps,

empty plastic peanutbutter jar,

paper bowl,

aluminum pie pan,

colored plastic wrap,

wide clear tape 
Directions: Large box: cut out bottom, arm holes in sides of box, and hole for child's head to fit through in the top. Cut out bottom of small box leaving flaps to tape to large box, cut out an opening for child's face to show through. Connect top to bottom at the head opening with strong tape. Spray paint entire box and paper bowl same color. Glue bowl upside down on top of the head box, glue peanut butter jar (with lid on) upside down on the bowl. (You can fill jar w/ confetti, bits of foil, etc.) Attach dryer vent tubing to arm holes after measuring to correct length for child's arms with tape or staples. Decorate pie plate to look like a control panel with bottle tops or whatever looks "robotish". We cut holes in the pie tin and glued different colored plastic wrap over the holes. Glue pie tin to front of body box. Child wears grey or other colored sweat pants and shirt underneath. 

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