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Halloween Costume

Ace of Hearts 

Submitted By: Cherie 




Age: Age 7+ 
Time Required: 1 hour 
Difficulty: very easy 
Materials Required: 2 sheets white poster board
1 or 2 sheets red poster board
wide ribbon (red or white)

tape or glue 
Directions: You're basically making a sandwich board (like people use for advertising)

Cut white poster boards to the size you want (depends on size of the child). You want it small enough that their arms can reach around the board when they're wearing it.

Make holes at the top of each board, about 1 foot apart (again, depends on size of child). String ribbon through, leaving enough so that the ribbon can drape over the shoulders and the boards hang nicely. The wider the ribbon, the more comfortable it will be to wear.

Cut out two large red hearts and glue one to the center of each piece of white board.

Cut out 4 large A's and glue them to the top left and bottom right corners of the white board. You can use as templates.

Optional: Paint face white with red heart on cheek 
Comments: This is a good costume for children to make on their own 
click here if you don't know what a sandwich board is...

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