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Halloween Costume

Two deer hunters AND their deer( pet dog) 

Submitted By: Jamie 




Age: 3 and up Depending on the smaller child 
Time Required: hour 
Difficulty: very easy Depending on the child 
Materials Required: cammoflage sweat suits ;
face paint;
toy gun( optional).

If you do like we did and use your pet, you will need pipe cleaner for antlers we put them on her collar 
Directions: We went to a wal-mart and bought camoflauge sweat suits and a toy gun.

We used face paint to hide their face .

Our Dog came in too be the deer. We made antlers out of pipe cleaners. You can also find antlers for pets from some christmas stores (pet stores). 
Comments: I dont have a pic yet because this will be a first but if you have an idea to make my idea any better please e mail me at or if you have any questions i will do my best to help. I will have a pic up soon 

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