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Halloween Costume

Glamor Girl 

Submitted By: Emily 




Age: 8-12 
Time Required: depends 
Difficulty: Very easy 
Materials Required: Fancy dress, nice jewlery, fur boa [optional], long gloves [optional],high heels, a little makeup, great hair-do! 
Directions: Find a glamourous dress, make sure it's not to big, borrow some of mom's jewlery [ask mom before use], buy long black gloves the color of your choice, and if you can't find some causal gloves, cut up some old tights to use. Try and find a fur boa to add a rich touch. Put on some soft eye shadow, and dark red lipstick. Have your mother or older sister help you do an awesome hair-do.Remember, be creative! Wear some cool shoes, high-heels work best! Make sure the shoes are comfortable and not too big on you. Put it all togather,and you'll look like a runway model! 
Comments: The high-heels must fit you or else trick-or-treating won't last long! 

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