Halloween Costume

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Traffic Jam 

Submitted By: marina 
Age: just about any 
Time Required: depend on if you can find the supplies 
Difficulty: hmm about 1 hour 
Materials Required: .black pants and shirt
.pylon (store-bought) or you can make your own with orange construction paper
.hot wheels
.thread or hot glue gun OPTIONAL
.yellow tape or construction paper
hold stop sign OPTIONAL
.elastic or string 
Directions: wear black clothes
PASTE the yellow construction paper or tape down the middle of the shirt
sew/glue/tape hot wheels cars on sleeves,legs and chest
make a stop sign out of a ruler and red consruction paper OPTIONAL
place a pylon on your head and tie a string or stretchy elastic to hold it in place 
Comments: this wins awards