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simple gownSimple Gown

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Good for a number of costumes including angel, bride, fairy, shepherd, princess, witch.

Loose fitting gown with elastic around the neck.


Question:  Do these turn out as nice as the costumes you can purchase from the store?

Answer:  Not when I make them *laugh* -- I'm not much of a seamstress.  However!  My youngest daughter loves the process of choosing fabric, cutting out pieces and helping put it all together.  She has always treasured the costumes we've made together far more than the store bought ones.  The costumes we've purchased at the store have been great (especially when Halloween sneaks up on me which happens every few years) but whenever we've taken the time to make a costume -- we've made a lot of great family memories at the same time!  (and no one else is wearing an identical costume -- something which horrifies my older daughter when it happens).

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