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pumpkin book coverPumpkin Book

You can make this project with a face for a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern theme or without a face for a nutrition or Thanksgiving theme.

Thanks so much to Bethany for sharing this great idea for a pumpkin book.  If your little ones are a too young to help with carving a real pumpkin then here is a great option to keep them involved.

Savannah shared these photos of the finished craft by on of the children in her childcare program:  "...  There were a few variations on that particular pumpkin, it was an older child's and he opted to use brown construction paper instead of green, and he didn't want a curly Q, Also, instead of yellow yarn we used orange, obviously, and we also did a three hole punch book tied with orange yarn instead of staples."
Thank you Savannah!

pumpkin book insideMaterials:


The children love this one!  (my children were ages 1-3)



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