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soda bottle halloween craftSoda Bottle Jack-O-'Lantern Craft 

"I love your site and wanted to thank you for all the goodies that you provide.  I also wanted to share with you the jack-o'-lanterns that we made this week in our 3/4 year old preschool."   Charlene

Thanks to Charlene for taking the time to share this craft idea with us!

Look for a Frankenstein variation of this craft from Lisa below.



"The kids had loads of fun making this one!"  Charlene

soda bottle halloween crafts



I'm Lisa and I'm the leader of Junior Girl Scout Troop and Brownie Troop.  I wanted to share a "twist" we added to the 2 liter "Jack-o-lantern" project for our older Junior Girls.

Turning the 2 liter bottle upside down, the girls painted the top (outside of the bottle) and about 2 inches down ,black. we then added green tempra paint to cover the inside of the bottle. we glued on 2 empty thread spools (painted black) towards the bottom of the bottle.

The girls added pre cut "Frankenstein" pieces to the bottle ( eyes, scar, etc).  They tied black raffia to the bottom to make a bow.  These made the coolest Frankensteins ever, and the bottom of the bottle kind of looks like a brain anyway...LOL.  Hope you share this, its a nice companion piece to the jack-o-lanturn, but for older girls!



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