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Tin Can Pumpkin Outdoor Decoration
Tin Can Pumpkin Outdoor Decoration

Thanks to Sandra for this idea!  She wrote:  "It's also a nice recycle idea and you will just have to change the designs and colors so you will be able to use it for other occasions as well."

We like to use acrylic paint for most of our projects.  It is fairly easy to find and inexpensive -- we usually buy ours from the dollar store in the neighbourhood but we also sometimes get it at the craft store or Amazon.  I like that it comes in small containers in a zillion colors so I can shop for the colors I need for each project without feeling guilty about waste.  Acrylic paint is waterproof so it can sit outside.  It is cleanable if you wipe it up while it's still wet.  It dries fairly quickly so children don't end up sitting around waiting for the various stages of the project.



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