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no sew cloakNo Sew Cloaks

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

If you use fleece, you don't need a sewing machine as you don't need to hem (yay!).

If you don't want to use fleece, then when you're at the fabric store, ask for a material that doesn't fray easily and you won't need to hem (yay again!)

I use fleece as it's nice and warm -- we live where it's cold (yay Canada!).  You could use this pattern with any material.

With this cape, you could be:  a princess, a vampire, little red ridinghood, a witch, a queen, a superhero.

A cute idea:  Kyla's grandma wrote in that she made her granddaughter's favorite doll a matching doll cape!  Just follow the same directions using some of the scraps from the child's cape.  What a wonderful idea!!



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