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Who's That Knocking?

Halloween Poem - Who's That Knocking?

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Holly wrote:
"Hi I work at headstart, and I love your site I'm also a mother of three, so I use your site quite often, here is a song I made up for my kids on the bus for Halloween I plan on making paper plate masks to go with the song.  I have my own tune but I'm sure others would work."

Thanks for sharing your rhyme/song Holly!!

Who's that knocking on my door
I must admit I'm little scared,
I open it and what do I see,
A scary old witch and she's laughing at me
Hee hee hee

Who's that knocking at my door
I must admit I'm a little scared
I open it and what do I see
A green monster and he's growling at me.

(keep going till you can't think of anymore Halloween creatures.)

Now I'm walking out that door,
I'm not gonna be scared no more,
I'm in my costume and I'm ready to be
The one who's scaring you