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Thank You Ma

Dave wrote 
"...the song is an original which I had a professional musician put music to combined with my vocals before presenting it to my mother as a Mother's Day gift." 

Unfortunately, Dave did not have a digital version of the song that we could include for our viewers at this time.  Thanks for sharing your original work with us Dave!

How do you thank someone who has so unselfishly dedicated her life?
To raising me and my fifteen brothers and sisters and always the faithful wife.
For getting up in the bitter cold mornings at 5:00 a.m.  To put on the coal stove for us 
for loving us and being there from dawn to dusk.

Thank you ma, our love and gratitude cannot begin to convey,
Just how thankful and proud we are of you today.
Thank you ma, I hope you realize just how valuable you are to us.
When will you truly get your due?

Now that we've grown it just brings us such pleasure to pile up the presents on those Special Days.
You appreciate every little thing you're given and you never complain.
I've often wondered how you've always hid your pain.
You know they broke the mold when they made you.
But now that you're older it still amazes me,

How you still welcome all of us so warmly into your family.
And you know that we can never even hope to repay
All that you have sacrificed for us today.
That's why I wanna say'


They say there are no Angels walking this earth but we know differently.
When people who are not even family call you ma.
Because it's just as natural for them as it is for me.
It is truly magical the way you hold together this huge family.
That's why I gotta say'


Baking bread and feeding kids and doing all the chores surely must have taken its toll.
And sharing your life with someone so unworthy of you.
Has only made you stronger and more loving too.
But it's nice to know your life is so much easier these days.
And I know that we can never even hope to allay the fear of losing you some day.