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pot of gold craftPot o' Gold Craft

Contributed by a viewer!

Trudi Wrote:  "I thought I'd share a crafty tradition I started with my kids last St. Patrick's Day. We took water balloons and blew them up with air. We covered them with play dough (you could use any fast drying clay) to make the shape of a pot (of gold) and put three balls of dough on the bottom for feet to keep the pot from rolling around. We let the outside dry a while then popped the balloon to let the inside dry. Once dry we painted it black and set it out on March 16th before the kids went to bed.  The leprechauns visited through the night and filled it with gold coins (foil covered chocolates or loonies in Canada) A variation could be a treasure hunt for the hidden coins (like an Easter egg hunt).  They loved it and saved the pots for this year." 

Thanks for the idea Trudi.  I hope you don't mind that we adapted your idea a bit by using paper mache.




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