As the little man approached closer, Molly Murphy quickly ran over to him and scooped him up, holding him by his little green collar.

Molly catches the leprechaun“I have no patience for you, you strange little man. Where is the pot of gold everyone talks about? If I show the kids at school a real pot of gold, they'll all want to be friends with me. Show it to me.” Molly demanded.

“Are ye sure it's really gold ye be needin', miss?" asked the leprechaun.

"Now!" screeched Molly, ignoring the leprechaun's question.

"Oh woe is me! There is no pot o’ gold, miss. Oh, but if there was… " the leprechaun glowered at Molly, "if there was, ye’d be the last ta know actin' all snarky like this!” he exclaimed as he tried to wriggle free.

Molly glowered right back at the poor leprechaun, “Oh woe is me, he says! Snarky, he says!! Hmph! I will find that pot of gold; and you WILL help me or else.”



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