Molly dips the leprechaun in the kitchen pot.Then, Molly Murphy walked ten miles home with the leprechaun swinging helplessly in her grip.

When Molly arrived home she entered her kitchen and was happy to see a large pot of boiling water sitting on the stove. With a nasty grin, she dipped the leprechaun’s feet in the water.

“Y’ouch!! Y’ouch!! Stop that this instant! Yer scorchin' my brand new shoes” the poor leprechaun cried. “Fine, enough, ye’ll find the gold where ye first found me!” he exclaimed.

At the sound of the commotion, Molly’s mother entered the kitchen in a panic. She saw Molly holding the leprechaun and shouted: “Get out of the kitchen, Molly! You know the rules… Absolutely no leprechauns allowed in the kitchen!”


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