Poppy lacing craftDLTK's Crafts for Kids
Red Poppy Lacing Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Lacing projects are a great craft for preschoolers and kindergarten children to complete during any holiday.  The lacing gives them fine motor skill practice and practice tying knots and bows (shoelaces!)



Craft Templates:

Specific Instructions PLUS Templates:

Poppy lacing projectPoppy:  lace with any type of stitch around the outside of the poppy (running stitch or blanket stitch would both be nice).  Tie a bow at the top.  Red, white or green wool or ribbon would be nice.

Optional:  Cut a circle of green construction paper (you can trace a small margarine container lid) and glue or lace it into the center of the poppy.

Poppy Template


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