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Cardboard Bouquet Craft

Contributed by Kaitlyn Guenther

PCardboard Bouquet Craft

I love flowers all over the house, but I can't afford to buy a new bouquet everytime the old one dies. It also makes me feel pretty sad to see my beautiful bouquets wilting. My solution? Make my own bouquet out of cardboard!

This can be a bit of a project depending on how big of a bouquet you want, but it's a great creative activity for a rainy day. Let your creativity shine by painting your flowers whatever colour you want. You can also do this as a family (everyone makes one flower) or gift it to a friend or loved one.

Using cardboard and pencils is fantastic because it's something most people have around the house already, which means no going out to buy expensive crafting materials. Plus reusing materials like cereal boxes is a great way to be environmentally friendly.


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