Grass Seed Caterpillar CraftDLTK's Holiday Crafts for Kids
Grass Seed Caterpillar Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

An adorable caterpillar craft made out of an egg carton that lets kids grow and care for their very own grass!  This craft is suitable for a spring theme, insect theme or just for fun! 

Check out Kaitlyn's blog about making this cute little craft.


Note:   Acrylic paint is (pretty much) not washable so young children should wear old clothes and do their work away from carpet and other household fabrics.  If you catch it while it's wet, you can get usually get it out but it dries very quickly so you have to be fast.  Tempra paints are more washable, but can still stain depending on the colors you're using (I struggle getting blacks and reds out of light color fabrics).




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