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With a May-Basket for Baby Agnes

poem Evaleen Stein

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Evaleen Stein

          Peach-buds to meet thee,
          Robins to greet thee,
Hey, little Sweetheart! and May morning, hey!
          Sunbeam and sing time,
          Bluebird and wing time,
This time is kiss time for sweethearts, I say!

          Dearest, God bless thee,
          Fold and caress thee,
Unto thy cradle may good fairies fly!
          Fortune be fair for thee,
          This is my prayer for thee,
Lullaby, little one, hush-a-by-bye!

          So for a love now
          Token thereof now,
Sweet, see this tiny May-basket I bring;
          Posies to play with,
          Pinks to be gay with,
Dear little baby of sunshine and spring!


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