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summer branch, beehive and bumblebees paper craftSummer Branch Paper Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

This is an easy cut and paste paper craft for young children to assemble during the summer.  It has a pair of leaves and a pair of bumblebees. 

The leaves and the bees are both "mirror images" of each other -- in other words, they are identical just "flipped".  This can lead to a fun discussion about how reflections in the mirror look "reversed" or "flipped" (ask the children to hold something up in the mirror and ask them to describe what they notice about it).  For children who can recognize their letters, a handwritten "B" or their name printed out would work well as the "reversed image" effect is very obvious when you hold printing up to a mirror.

The craft also works well for a "B is for Branch/B is for Bumblebee" alphabet lesson.

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