Thanksgiving candle holderDLTK's Crafts for Kids
Real Candle Thanksgiving Craft

contributed by Pat!

Here is a Thanksgiving craft for older children using beans and glue to create a candle holder.


(I had mixed beans, kidney beans and a red candle so that's what I used for mine...  I'm always telling people to use what they have!  You can also add sequins or sparkles to your bean and glue mixture!)
I think I put in more beans than I needed to...  I was worried the candle wouldn't stay solid as it seemed wobbly when I first put it in (you can sort of see the colored bean layer and then the white layer I added because I didn't want the candle to tip).  I must say though that once the glue dries, the candle sits in there VERY sturdily.

Thanksgiving candle holderInstructions:

Mix popping corn kernels, peas, & beans together in the butter bowl.

Then add Elmer's glue.

Let sit for 2 minutes, then push candle in center.

Let dry over night. push on bottom, it will pop right out.   (I made my beans quite deep, so I had to snip the sides of the container a smidge before it popped out).

You will have a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Suggestion from viewers:

"I wanted to share with you one extra touch. Each child glued their bean candle to a cd-rom.  It really added to your already great idea.   Connie"

Thanks Connie!

"I just had a suggestion for this craft my son and I used squirrel food, it turned out beautiful.  Carol" (I'm guessing squirrel food is a mix of nuts with the shells on)

Thanks Carol!


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