DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Thanksgiving Tissue Paper Flowers and Juice Jar Vase

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

tissue flower vaseI've given directions for making the flowers and for making the vase this Thanksgiving.  You don't have to do them both...  You can make some flowers and put them in a store bought vase or you can make the vase and put in some silk flowers.

There are 4 different types of flowers you can make.

Materials for the Vase:

Materials for one flower:

paper mache the angel vaseDirections for making the vase:

tissue paper flowerDirections for making a flower:

Flower Petal Templates:

I've included a picture of ONE of the flowers made with each template so you get a feel for how they look.  Each flower has 20 to 30 petals in it.  These templates aren't printable... just use the images as a guide when cutting out your petals.

flower petal template

heart shaped petal template

(I think it looks like a rose or peony flower -- this is my favorite)

tissue paper flower

flower petal templatelarge pointed petal template

(I think this one looks like a water lily)

tissue paper flower

And here it is with fewer petals (about 8)

tissue paper flower

flower petal template

small pointed petal template

(this has twice the petals of the others... 40 to 60 petals in a flower)

tissue paper flower

flower petal template

tri-petal template

tissue paper flower




Printable version of these instructions