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sentence sequencing
Valentine's Day Sentence Sequencing

Sentence Sequencing:

Valentine's Day Sentence SequencingWhat is it?

An activity/game that allows children to practice combining nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc to make a sentence.  The Valentine's Day word wall words  are included but there are also some generic images and sight words so that children can complete full sentences.

NOTE: This page is fairly long -- the templates are at the bottom.


Activity Suggestions

1. Free Play

2. Memory (Guided) Play

educational worksheets


educational worksheets

(you may want to mix up the pile and then set some or all the pile out
so the child can see their options, like so):

Sentence Sequencing

Now have the child chose the correct card from memory
to replicate the sentence you showed them.

Template Instructions

Flash card type templates.  You can use these in a variety of activities (see activity suggestions above).


6 word wall words - Valentine's Day   (color)  or  (B&W)

6 more word wall words - Valentine's Day   (color)  or  (B&W)


2 NOUNS + 4 EMOTIONS   (color)  or  (B&W)


6 PICTURE VERBS (past tense)   (color)  or  (B&W)

6 PICTURE VERBS (present tense)   (color)  or  (B&W)

6 SIGHT WORD VERBS (past/present)   (color)  or  (B&W)

6 SIGHT WORD VERBS (past/present)   (color)  or  (B&W)


6 ADJECTIVES - COLORS    (color)  or  (B&W)


6 HELPERS (the, a, and, but, or)    (color)  or  (B&W)


Fry Frequency Words - these are all black and white sight word cards


Printable version for these instructions