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Heart Fish Paper Craft

Heart fish paper craftContributed by Leanne Guenther

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One of our viewers wrote:
"Take a large coffee filter and let the kids color it with washable markers (permanent ones won't work).  Then either mist it with water or carefully sprinkle water on it.  The colors will bleed and blend, making a tie dye look. Let the filters dry, flat. Be sure to put wax paper or something under them as they will "bleed" onto what ever you lay them on.  Then cut the hearts out of the filters and you'll get some really cool fish! I've used filters to make butterflies and flowers and now with your heart fish idea I have another use for this material.  My kids love to watch the colors mix!"  Kelly

Tip 1:  Include the message "Wishing you oceans of love!"

Tip 2:  Glue the heart animal paper craft to the front of a folded over piece of construction paper or a doily to make a cute Valentine's Day card.

Tip 3:  Purchase fancy paper from the scrapbooking store and print the B&W version onto this for an extra fancy Heart Animal.

Tip 4:  Scotch tape a straw or popsicle stick to the bottom to make a fish puppet.

Tip 5:  Glue a small piece of sandpaper on the back to make a felt board character.

Tip 6:  Cut construction paper into 4 inch wide strips as long as you can make them.  Tape two together to make even longer.  Measure around child's head to make a construction paper 'crown'.  Glue Heart Animal to front of the crown to make a Valentine's Day hat.


Craft Instructions:

heart fish craft instructionsGlue largest heart so its attached to the tip of the medium heart to form the tail.

heart fish craft instructionsAdd the smallest heart onto the front as a mouth.

heart fish craft instructionsGlue on two small hearts sticking out the top and bottom of the body as fins.

heart fish craft instructionsIf making on a card or other background, add the three blue heart 'bubbles' coming up from the mouth.


Option for mass-producing - young children:  Print out the B&W template.  Trace the pieces onto stiff cardboard (back of paper pads works well) or margarine/ice cream container lids.  Cut out to make permanent templates.   Allow the children to trace these permanent templates onto different colors of construction paper to make their animal

Option for mass-producing - older children:  Omit the templates.  Let the children cut out heart shapes in various sizes from colored construction paper (show them how to fold paper in half and then cut to make a perfectly symmetrical heart).  Let the children create their own animals by putting together hearts of different sizes (you can pre-make a few example animals to give them some inspiration).

Craft Templates:

Heart Fish template    (color)   or    (B&W)


Printable version of these instructions