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heart glasses paper craft
Heart Glasses Paper Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

This is an easy color, cut and paste paper craft that creates a cute pair of heart glasses for you to wear on Valentine's Day.

The glasses are a little bit adjustable -- the small version should suit most preschool and kindergarten children's faces.  The regular version should work for most other people.



tape glasses

Option for mass-producing - young children:  Print out the B&W template.  Trace the pieces onto stiff cardboard (back of paper pads works well) or margarine/ice cream container lids.  Cut out to make permanent templates.   Allow the children to trace these permanent templates onto different colors of construction paper to make their glasses.  Decorate with stickers.

Craft Templates:

Heart Glasses template    (color)   or    (B&W)

Small Heart Glasses         (color)   or    (B&W)


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