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Heart Octopus Paper Craft

heart octopus paper craftContributed by Leanne Guenther

Read a bit about DLTK's Grow With Me Craft Concept to get some ideas on how this basic craft idea can be used with different materials to make it appropriate for everyone from ages 2 thru 82!

Tip 1:  Include the message "Hug me and SQUEEZE me and call me yours!"

Tip 2:  Glue the heart animal paper craft to the front of a folded over piece of construction paper or a doily to make a cute Valentine's Day card.

Tip 3:  Purchase fancy paper from the scrapbooking store and print the B&W version onto this for an extra fancy Heart Animal.

Tip 4:  Scotch tape a straw or popsicle stick to the bottom to make an octopus puppet.

Tip 5:  Glue a small piece of sandpaper on the back to make a felt board character.

Tip 6:  Cut construction paper into 4 inch wide strips as long as you can make them.  Tape two together to make even longer.  Measure around child's head to make a construction paper 'crown'.  Glue Heart Animal to front of the crown to make a Valentine's Day hat.


Craft Instructions:

heart octopus paper craftGlue the face onto the large heart head.

heart octopus paper craftGlue the head onto the body.

heart octopus paper craftGlue the heart letters onto the tentacles to spell "I Love You".


Craft Templates:

Heart Octopus template 1    (color)   or    (B&W)

Heart Octopus template 2    (color)   or    (B&W)


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