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Valentine's Day Napkin Ring

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

My eldest daughter, Tasha, enjoys participating in preparations for our holiday celebrations.  She does a variety of things to help out including inviting guests, making a special recipe or decorating for the event.

For Valentine's Day, why not get your kids involved in making a special supper.  Make special "red foods" for the meal like spaghetti, fruit punch, red jello, strawberries and whipped cream or anything else you can think of (Tasha loves to stir drink crystals into water with a bit of Sprite added for bubbles).

Then have the kids help with the table setting.  Make a valentine's candle or two as centerpieces (you can add any of the Valentine's toilet paper crafts to the centerpiece!). Then make these cute napkin rings to go around your paper or cloth napkins (if you can get red napkins that would be great, but white ones will work nicely too!)  One of these patterns makes four napkin rings and takes one tp roll.

Put on some mood music, dim the lights and have a romantic, fun family dinner.  (well, as romantic as a family dinner can get *grin*).


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