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Winter Stained Glass Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

We love hanging crayon stained glass crafts on our big glass patio doors in the winter.  We have short days, but the sun shines cheerfully through them while it's light outside.  In the summer, we find they fade quickly because the sun is stronger.

There is an option at the bottom of this page for younger kids, using tissue paper instead of melting crayons.




Thanks Geri for sending this in!
"Have the kids color a picture with crayons.  They can color dark or light - it doesn't matter but the darker sometimes looks better.  They really do look like stained glass pictures, especially if the picture had heavy black lines."


Thanks Terri for sending this in!
"I have done for this to make it more suitable for younger kids.  Instead of using wax paper and melting crayons..."

Craft Template:



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