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Baby Jesus Song Performance

Elizabeth wrote:  "I hope you don't mind, but I took your Baby Jesus song and adapted it for our Kids Club.  I added verses, and characters, to make it flexible for numbers.  We can have more angels, kings or shepherds depending on how many children we have.  We plan to perform it in our carol service." 

Thanks for sharing with our viewers Elizabeth!!

Baby Jesus Song

poem coloring page
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Baby Jesus Song (To the tune of "Are you sleeping Brother John") 

Characters: Mary,  Shepherd(s), King(s), Angel(s)

(Opens with Mary sat on a chair rocking the baby.  Baby crying.) 
Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus, 
please don't cry, please don't cry.
Don't you know we love you, Don't you know we love you, 
Yes we do, yes we do. 

(Shepherd comes in and offers his lamb to the baby.)
Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus, 
Look who's here, look who's here.
A shepherd come to praise you, a shepherd come to praise you, 
With his lamb, with his lamb. 

(King comes in with presents and offers them to the baby.) 
Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus 
Look who's here, look who's here 
A King with lots of presents, a King with lots of presents 
Just for you, just for you. 

(Angels come in.)
Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus, 
Listen now, listen now, 
Angel voices singing, angel voices singing, 
We love you, yes we do. 


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