Christmas Around the WorldChristmas Around the World: 
A Christmas Play
(Sunday School Version)

© written by Leanne Guenther, modified by Richard

A few years back I wrote a play and posted it on my sites.  This year one of our viewers has  taken and modified it to use in his Sunday School.  It has a few modification including puppet characters, a kangaroo song and a more biblical ending.

Thanks for sharing it with us and our viewers Richard!


Adapted by Richard L. Bush from the original version by Leanne Guenther


Start with people dressed in Christmas or holiday clothes ' mom, two children and three puppets having a conversation around a table with puppet stage in background. Cue (script) words can be placed on table. Mom and Children are facing congregation.

Child 1: (looking sad), "Mom, we can't have Christmas this year"

Mom: (looking puzzled), "Why not dear?"

Child 2: "Because it makes me sad that we get to have Christmas and people in Hawaii don't"

Mom: (suppressing a giggle), "Um, why wouldn't people in Hawaii get to have Christmas?"

Children and puppets together (at the same time), "Because they don't have any snow!"

Mom: "You don't need snow to have Christmas!" In fact, there was no snow where Baby Jesus was born!

...  Then Children or adults come on the stage and dance with the following music playing:
Mele Kalikimaka (A Hawaiian Christmas Song)

Three Puppets sing this song, while children and adults dressed up in Hawaiian outfits do a bit of a hula dance.
Children remain at table

Child 2: "That was AWESOME!  I expect to see the Hawaii 5-0 guys any minute!"
(or substitute Lilo and Stitch for Hawaii 5-0)

Mom:: "So we can have Christmas now?"

The two children look at each other and shake their heads slowly

Child 1: "No, I still don't think it's fair..."

Mom: "How come?"

Child 1: "...because people in Australia can't have Christmas"

Mom (startled): "Whatever made you think that!"
(children get increasingly excited/convinced during the following)

Child 1: "Well...  It's really hot..."

Child 2: "Yeah! 'cause it's summer there right now"

Puppet 1: "And Santa wears those fur lined boots and all..."

Puppet 2: "everyone knows that people in Australia live up side down..."

Puppet 1: 'With that comment, I really think you have the brains of a squirrel!

Puppet 3: "It's really hot there in Australia you know! The reindeer couldn't stand the heat!"

Both children and puppets (at the same time): "You can't have Christmas without Reindeer!"

Mom: "You don't need Reindeer to have Christmas!"

All Puppets then say: 'You can have Kangaroos!!!'

Children get up and stand in front of podium (do not block puppets)..
then sing Roo Roo the Red Nosed Kangaroo (Words will be on a stand in front of children)
Puppets dance while children sing 
Children sit back down at table (After song is over)
All puppets (look at each other with a really happy expression)

Puppet 3: "Neat song!!!" It sort of has a hop to it!

Mom: "Wonderful! (with a bit of frustration in her voice) NOW we can have Christmas, right?" (emphasize right)

Children think for a second and then Child 2 looks sad

Child 2: "No...  I don't think so" (big sigh)

Child 1 looks curious, mom looks flustered

Mom: "Now why not!!"

Child 2: "Think of all the people who don't speak English...  You can't have Christmas if you can't speak English!"

Mom (semi-curious as to the rational behind this one... half grinning): "And why can't people have Christmas if they can't speak English?"

Child 2: "well...  You couldn't say Merry Christmas"

Puppet 1:  "or happy new year"

Puppet 2:  "or Happy 4th of July!!'

Puppet 3:  'Hey guy! Wrong Holiday'Get with the Program!!!

Puppet 2:  'DUUGGGHHH-=-Sorry!'

Child 2: 'You couldn't sing Christmas Carols without English"

Child 1: "Yeah! you couldn't even sing Silent Night. What would Christmas be without Silent Night!?"

All Puppets: "You can't have Christmas without Christmas Carols!"

Mom: "You can sing Christmas Carols in any language!"

...  Then lip sync or sing..
Feliz Navidad (Spanish) 

or Silent Night in different languages

Silent night (English)

All Puppets and Children (look at each other with a really happy expression): "Wow!!!"

Child 1: "So people don't need snow, reindeer or English to celebrate Christmas?"

Mom: "Nope!"

Child 2: "What do they need?"

Mom: "Hmmm, I think people no matter what country they're from, just need a bit of love, faith in Jesus Christ and appreciation of what his birth is all about."

All sing 
"Away in a Manger"
All surround the nativity on the pulpit

Child 1: "And the story!"

Child 2: "Oh yes, don't forget the story."

Mom: "Which story is that?"

Narrator reads the Meaning of Christmas 'LUKE 2:8-20' from your Bible or Meaning of Christmas LUKE 2:8-12

All sing
"Hark the Herald Angels Sing"

Puppet 1: 'Speaking of angels, I see one up in the Balcony ready to play us a Christmas tune.'

Puppet 2: 'That's right, not all angels have wings!'

Someone plays a christmas song in the  balcony

Child 1: (looking at mother with a look of shear happiness) 'Now I know what Christmas is all a bout-It is about the celebration of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ!'

Child 2: (looking at congregation with a look of awe and wonder) 'Snow and reindeer and Santa Claus don't make Christmas! Jesus Christ is the reason for the season- no matter where you live!'

Puppets, children, mom:  "MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!" 

Sing "What Child is this?"

PC concludes program 


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