DLTK's Holiday Crafts for Kids
Fingerprint Holly Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Holly fingerprint craftA finger and a bit of paint are all you need to make this super-cute holly.  It looks great as a gift tag or put a bunch together to make a wreath! 

L. Kendall wrote:  "I love the new fingerprint holly wreath idea.  In fact I tried it with some older preschoolers today.  I think you should mention that this would work great with a little bit older kids (like Kinder.  And first graders) Even with me helping each child complete this project it was a little difficult for them to get it done.  Still love this idea!!!! They did turn out very cute!!"

A note from Leanne -- L. Kendall definitely has a great point. When I'm crafting at home with the kids, it's pretty much a one on one adult to child ratio which means we can tackle projects that are a bit more challenging. Anytime you're working with groups, it's definitely a great idea to work with older children than you would if you're doing it at home with your own children.



fingerprint holly



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