DLTK's Holiday Plays
The Littlest Christmas Tree

Thanks so much to Jacque Sweany for sending this in!

Notes: All children sing all songs, however, the character stated comes out and stands on the taped line at the front of the stage.  They are “spotlighted” so to speak!  When they have finished their song they go back to their spots. Spots are designated on the floor of the stage of a laminated picture of their costume.  So the bunnies stand on a bunny, etcetera. The narrator needs to emphasis the name of the character he or she is calling up.  I have always found it better to have a special narrator and not myself. It helps the children not to be so nervous if they see me. I always count to three and then we start our song. I also give the children a special gift, like a candy cane or whatever after the program just to tell them how proud of them I am. I am a big believer in taking a bow so I instruct our audience to clap after each song so the children can bow!  I also start every program by allowing the children to say hi to moms and dads and grandparents!  It helps to get it out of the way!


Teacher -- Welcome to our mini musical The Littlest Christmas Tree. WE are so glad you could take time out of your busy schedule to join us. The children have worked so hard on the musical so I want to encourage you to go ahead and applaud their hard work after each song. We have been working on our bows and we are pretty good at it! And know let me introduce the Lil' Wrangler's ELC preschool class. 

After the children are settled on their spots

Boys and girls isn't it really great to see all of our moms and dads here? When I count to 3 let's all say hi mom and hi dad! 1 2 3 Hi mom Hi dad! Did some of you invite your grandma and grandpa? Well we better say hi to them too!  Ready, 1 2 3 Hi Grandma, Hi Grandpa!

That was great!  Are you ready to start our program?  Then we are ready Mr. Narrator. 



Narrator -- Long ago in the forest there were 3 beautiful Fir Trees.  These 3 fir trees hoped that someday they would be Christmas Trees. They were very patient and each day they grew and grew


Trees walk up to the front. Trees will stay up front.

All Children -- tune of I'm a little Tea Pot

I'm a little fir tree growing tall

                    Someday I'll be the best of all.

                    I'll go home with a family and

                    A Christmas Tree is what I'll be!


Narrator -- So the trees waited excitedly for a family to come and pick them for their Christmas Tree and then one day it happened!  A family came to the forest!


Family walk up to front beside trees.


Family -- tune of Muffin Man

Oh will you be our Christmas Tree

our Christmas tree our Christmas tree. 

Oh will you be our Christmas Tree

and sparkle on Christmas Day?


Narrator -- The family walked around all the trees and decided to take home the very biggest tree they could find!  The dad brought out his ax and cut the fir tree down and off they went!


Family and biggest tree go back to spots.


All Children - tune of I'm a Little Tea Pot

I'm a little fir tree growing tall

                    Someday I'll be the best of all.

                    I'll go home with a family and

                    A Christmas Tree is what I'll be!


Narrator -- Soon another family came to the forest and they looked at all the trees too. They didn't want a great big tree and they didn't want a small tree. They saw a tree that was just right! 


Family -- tune of Muffin Man

         Oh you are just the perfect tree

         The perfect tree, the perfect tree

         Oh you are just the perfect tree

         For us on Christmas Day!


Narrator -- The family was so happy that they had found the perfect tree for their house that they cut it down and off they went.


Family and middle tree go back to their spots.


Narrator - The littlest Christmas tree was all alone and he was sad and lonely. 


Little tree is all alone up front.


All Children -- tune of Have you ever seen a lassie

Will I ever be a Christmas tree

a Christmas tree a Christmas tree

Will I ever be a Christmas tree for a happy family?


Narrator -- Soon some beautiful red birds came and sat beside the little fir tree. They brought some of the feathers and string from their nest. They decorated the littlest tree with the feathers and the string.







Birds come up and hook decorations on tree.

Birds -- tune of Are you sleeping (kinda!)

         Don't be sad, don't be sad

         We are here to stay

         We are here to stay

         We'll be your friends on Christmas Day

         We'll stay and we won't fly away.

         Don't be sad, don't be sad.


Birds can sit beside tree or go back to spot depending on the wiggle factor of the bird children!!


Narrator -- The littlest tree began to feel better.  Soon some little bunnies hopped over to the little tree. They brought some berries that they had found on the way. They strung the berries on the tree.


Bunnies hook berries on tree


Bunnies -- Red and Green -- tune of Mary had a Little Lamb

         Red and Green are Christmas colors,

        Christmas colors Christmas colors.

        Red and Green are Christmas colors, pretty Christmas colors.


Bunniess can sit beside tree or go back to spot depending on the wiggle factor of the bird children!!


Narrator -- The feathers, string and berries looked so pretty on the little tree that he began to feel like a Christmas Tree.  He was just missing one thing!






All children -- tune of Brother John

         What is missing? What is missing?

On our tree? On our tree?

A twinkling Christmas star,

A twinkling Christmas star

That's what we need, that's what we need.


Narrator -- It was starting to get dark, and the stars were coming out in the night sky. The stars knew that Christmas Night was the birth of a special baby and they had a big job to do. The stars were going to tell the shepherds about the baby Jesus lying in a manger.


All Children -- Baby Jesus -- Finger play that I have known forever and don't know who to give credit to. 


Baby Jesus fast asleep in his manger bed --

Children make a cradle with hands and then put folded hands beside head to mimic sleeping

Come oh come on tipee toes,

Children make come on sign with hands and then get up on tipee toes but remind them to stay in one place and not to really tipee toe away!

See the one that loves us so.

Children hold hand over eyes and then put hands over heart.


A little star wasn't able to go with all the big stars and she heard the plea of all the animals and the little tree.  She decided that she would go down and be a Christmas Star for the little tree.


Star or stars come forward and stand beside little tree.  If you need to fill more spots than you can change the narrators line to some little stars weren't able to go and they decided to go down…




All Children -- Star -- tune of Little Tea Pot

         I'm a little Star from in the sky

         I'll sit on the tree top way up high

         I'll shine for you in my special way

And twinkle brightly on Christmas day.


Narrator -- The star looked just beautiful on the little tree and now the tree felt just like a Christmas tree!  In fact, he thought he was the most beautiful Christmas tree ever!  Don't you think so too?




Trees --           Largest tree -- _________

                    Medium tree -- _________

                    Smallest tree - __________


Family --           Dad -- 1. _______          2. _________

                    Mom -- 1. ________   2. _________

                    Child -- 1. _________  2. _________


Bunnies --           _________         ___________

                    _________          ___________

_________          ___________

Birds --      

_________          __________

                    _________          __________

_________          __________


Star --           ________




If you need more parts then you can just create more animals to come and decorate the tree!

Some suggestions would be deer, bears, squirrels.



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