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Painted Ornament Christmas Craft
Painted Ornaments

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Most crafts on the site don't really require you purchase any supplies to make them.  But at Christmas, I usually do one or two crafts with the girls that require some supplies.  These painted ornaments make wonderful gifts, were simple enough for my 3 year old but had a nice enough end result that my 7 year old loved them too.

Total cost of each completed ornament was about $1.

Before I start the instructions, I'll give you a bit of background.  We are going to paint the INSIDE of the ornaments...  You won't need paintbrushes or anything.  This gives an intriguing result (grandma will wonder how it was done! and the kids will enjoy explaining the process).  It also prevents any scratching of the paint -- these ornaments should last forever!

I would have preferred silver, gold, red and green ornaments (Christmas colors) *grin*, but the girls wanted pink and blue.


Craft Instructions:


Printable version of these instructions

Stephanie wrote:
"I once made these but used light bulbs.  You can get generic light bulbs for way cheap and they look really whimsical.  I just haven't figured out a really good way to attach a hanger.  I glued a string of little tiny gold pearl lace around the part that would screw in and made a U out of craft wire and attached each end to the pearl ring.  Then a ornament hook can be attached to the U.  I am sure there is a easier way for this to be done.  Then I sprayed them with a clear sealer when all done."

(Stephanie applied the paint to the outside of the light bulb and then used clear sealer to keep the paint from peeling or chipping off.)