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  The Story of Baby Jesus

Thanks so much to Karlos for sharing his script with us!

Cast (In order of appearance):
     Peasant Reader      Hotel Owner      King Herod      Singing Group 1
  Angel 1   Peasant 2   Priest 1 and 2   Singing Group 2
  Mary   Shepherds 1 through 5   Monk 1 and 2    
     Peasant Boy 1   Angels 3 through 6   Gladiator    
  Joseph   Wise man 1 through 3        
  Angel 2   Peasant Boy 3        

Peasant Reader:  A long time ago, in the town of Nazareth, lived a young woman named Mary. Mary did her chores, was kind to others, and loved God very much. She was engaged to be married to Joseph, who was a carpenter.

(The angel appears to Mary.  Mary cleaning)

Angel 1:  Mary you are favored by God, and he is with you everywhere you go.

Mary:  What do you want? 

Angel 1:  Please Do not be afraid.

Mary:  Why are you visiting me?

Angel 1:  God has sent me as he has found favor with you.  You will have a baby boy, and are to give him the name Jesus.

Mary:  I'm confused.  I'm not married how can I have a baby?

Angel 1:  The Holy Spirit will perform a miracle, and your baby will be called the Son of God.

Mary:  How can I believe, what you are saying?

Angel 1:  I have more exciting news.  Even your cousin Elizabeth is going to have a son in her old age.

Mary:  But she can't have any children.

Angel 1:  She is already pregnant. Nothing is impossible with God.

Mary:  I don't know what to say.

Angel 1:  It's ok Mary.

Mary:  I am the Lord's servant, and I hope everything that you are saying will come true.

(The angel then disappeared, and Mary is left alone.)

Peasant Boy 1:  Joseph, Mary is going to have a baby.

Joseph:  What how can this be? (angrily)

Peasant Boy 1:  I had seen an Angel talking with Mary last night.

(Angel 2 appears to Joseph)

Angel 2:  Joseph don't be afraid to take Mary as your wife.

Joseph:  Why should I take her as my wife, She is going to have a baby to another man.

Angel 2:  No Joseph, Mary is going to have God's son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.

Joseph:  OK.   I'll take her as my wife and love her till the end. (happily)

(Angel 2 then disappeared, and Joseph is left alone. Mary walks in.)

Mary:  Joseph, What is wrong?

Joseph:  I'm very happy you are going to have a baby.

Mary:  Why yes I am.  Isn't it wonderful?

Joseph:  We must go to Bethlehem, to register you as my wife.

(At Bethlehem)

Mary:  Joseph, I'm very tired, We need to find somewhere to stay. (sounds tired)

Joseph:  Ok my love.

(At a Hotel, Joseph knocks on the door and a man opens the door)

Hotel Owner:  What do you want?

Joseph:  May we have a room?  Please!

Hotel Owner:  We are full, Go away peasants! (angrily)

(Peasant 2 walking past)

Peasant 2:  I'm sorry for over hearing, But do you need somewhere to stay?

Joseph:  Yes, we do my wife is very tired.

Peasant 2:  I have a barn next to my place, it has animals in it, It is warm, and there is plenty of straw to lie on.

Mary and Joseph:  Thank you for a place to lie down.

(Mary lies down on the straw.)

Mary:  Joseph, I'm having my baby!

Joseph:  It's a boy my love, His name will be Jesus!

Mary:  My baby, the creator of the whole world, the King of Kings, the one who will save the world.

(Baby wrapped in cloths.  Mary and Joseph soon fell asleep.)

SONG - Children Group 1 to sing "What Child is This?"  (click here for lyrics)
(One singer can be dressed as Mary holding a baby doll, one as Joseph)

(Shepherds, who lived near Bethlehem, were out at night in their fields watching over their sheep.) 

Shepherd 1:  Look everyone, look at that!

Shepherd 2:  What is it?

Shepherd 3:  I don't know!

Shepherd 4:  It's an Angel!

Shepherd 5:  Not just one Angel, many Angels!

Angel 3:  Don't be afraid! (with her arms opened wide)

Angel 4:  We are here to bring you good news for all the people.

Angel 5:  Tonight in Bethlehem a baby has been born.

Angel 6:  He is the one that will save the world.

Angel 3:  You will know this baby because He will be wrapped in cloths, and laying in a manger.

Angel 4, 5, 6:  Glory to God, and peace to all people here on earth.

(After they spoke, they float away.  The shepherds were amazed and excited) 

Shepherd 1:  Does everyone know this news?

Shepherd 2:  I think it's just us.

Shepherd 3:  We must tell everyone about this baby.

Shepherd 4:  We must go to see this baby that the angels are talking about.

(The shepherds fell to their knees and were happy that they had found baby Jesus)

Shepherd 5:  This is the baby that the Angels were talking about.

Joseph:  Please be quiet my friends, My wife needs to sleep.

Shepherd 3:  Now we must tell everyone.

(As soon as they left they began shouting in the streets)

Shepherd 4:  The King of kings has been born. (shouting)

Shepherd 2:  Yes.  The King of Kings the one who will save us.

Joseph:  Now sleep my love as we have a big day ahead of us.

Mary:  Yes, my love.   But I can not sleep knowing how important our baby is.

Song - Children Group 2 to sing "The First Noel"  (click here for lyrics)
(singers can be dressed as angels, shepherds, and wise men)

(Wise men walking through)

Wise man 1:  What is that bright light in the sky?

Wise man 2:  It's a star isn't it?

Wise man 3:  Yes, it's a star.

Wise man 2:  It's the star we have been looking for!

Wise man 1:  Yes, The star that means the King of the Jews...

Wise men 1, 2, 3: ...the One who would save the world has been born.

Peasant Boy 3:  Oh King a special baby has been born.

King Herod:  Where is this baby? (angry)

Peasant Boy 3:  I'm sorry my King, but I don't know.

(The King called a meeting with all the important people in the area and asked them where this special baby had been born) 

King Herod:  People of my land do you know where this baby has been born? (angrily)

Priest 1, 2:  We are sorry my Lord, but we do not know of this child you speak of.

Monk 1, 2:  Yes, we know where this special baby has been born.

Monk 1:  In Bethlehem.

Monk 2:  Yes, In Bethlehem.

Monk 1, 2:  We had heard that one day a special person would come from there and take care of all the people.

King Herod:  Thank you my people.

(The Monks leave.  The King calls a secret meeting.)

King Herod:  Wise men, Wise men come to me.

Wise men 1, 2, 3:  What is it my Lord?

King Herod:  Do you know of this Baby?

Wise man 1: Yes, my Lord we have seen the star!

King Herod:  Go and find this child.  As soon as you find him, tell me, so I can go and worship him.

(After they had spoken to the King, the wise men left to find the baby)

Wise man 2:  How are we to find this baby? We don't know exactly where this baby is.

Wise man 3:  This is what we will do, at night we'll follow the star to the east.

Wise man 1:  Yes, that's a great idea and soon we will find him.

(Angels appeared to the Wise men)

Angel 1:  Please find this baby, but don't tell the King.

Angel 2:  As he wants to kill him.

Angel 3, 4, 5, 6:  Take the baby very expensive gifts, gifts that you would give to a King.

Wise men 1, 2, 3:  Yes we shall do what you ask of us.

(The Angels disappeared)

Wise man 2:  Look, we are here.

(The Wise men were very excited and happy. They found Jesus laying in Mary's arms, and they bowed down and worshipped him.)

Wise man 1:  We have come to worship our New King.

Wise man 3:  We have brought gifts for our King.

Wise man 1:  I have brought GOLD for My King.

Wise man 2:  I have brought FRANKINCENSE for My King.

Wise man 3:  And I have brought MYRRH for My King.

Mary:  Thank you bringing these gifts for Jesus.

Joseph:  How can we ever thank you.

(The wise men went to find a place to sleep for the night.  Angels appeared to the Wise men as they were sleeping)

Angels:  Remember never tell the King.  King Herod doesn't want to find Jesus to worship him; he wants to kill him because he is jealous that this baby will someday be better than him.

King Herod:  My gladiator come and listen to me.

Gladiator:  Yes, My Lord how can I serve you?

King Herod:  Go and find this baby and KILL him, as my Wise men have failed me.

Gladiator:  Yes, My Lord I will find this child you speak of and KILL him.

Angel 3:  Joseph, Joseph wake up!

Joseph:  Yes, what is wrong?

Angel 4:  Take Jesus and Mary and run away to Egypt.

Angel 5:  King Herod is going to search for Jesus to kill him.

Joseph:  Mary wake up, We must leave now in the night.

Mary:  Why must we leave?

Joseph:  We must leave to travel to Egypt, As the King has sent someone to kill Jesus.

Peasant Reader:  They were safe in Egypt, and after King Herod died an angel appeared to Joseph and told him to go to a place called Nazareth. And that's where Jesus grew up.

Song - all children sing "Do You Hear What I Hear"   (click here for lyrics)



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