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Halloween Costume

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Bob the Builder 

Submitted By: Kristina 




Age: any male but works best with overweight adult male 
Time Required: 20 mins 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: red and yellow plaid shirt
childs yellow hard hat
work belt
toy tools
Bob the Builder plastic table cloth from party store
work boots 
Directions: 1-cut different size Bob the builder logos from plastic table cloth and use the cardboard logo on the package too
2-glue cardboard logo onto hard hat
3-glue large plastic logo onto front pocket of overalls
4- glue plastic logo onto back pocket of overalls and anywhere else you like
5-let glue dry
6-put on shirt, overalls, hat, and tool belt
7-fill tool belt with fun toy tools(there is a Bob the Builder hammer that makes noise that is fun)
8-put on work boots
9-have fun!!! 
Comments: My husband did not want to dress for Halloween because he is overweight and store bought costumes just dont fit so I made this costume, forced him to wear it and drug him to a club for my sisters Halloween Birthday... He was hit on all night by just about all the girls... I dressed as Wendy from Bob the Builder but nobody knew who I was! 

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