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Halloween Costume

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Box car 

Submitted By: Jolene 




Age: 7+ 
Time Required: 2 hrs 
Difficulty: medium 
Materials Required: Box
two garbage bags,rope, or suspenders
tape- lots
permanent markers, black paint 
Directions: 1 take box flaps appart so its like a tunnel.
2-cut all bottom flaps off
3-cut both side flaps on the top and the back flap so you have a window
4-cut rectangle in the leftover flap making sure you have an inch of carboard flap as an outline
5-paint box as disired
6-cut rope to size needed, and if you dont have rope, then cut garbage bags down the sides, you they are really long.
7-roll garbage bags up and tape, cuz these will be the suspenders, if u have suspenders, i sugest u use them.
8-piant on a lisence plate, headlights,tailights, and grill.
9-attach ur suspenders/straps/rope with tape onto the box
10-cut out wheels and steering wheel and tape onto car. 
Comments: hint: if you use house paint for your car, it may take awhile to dry.
also, if you have suspenders or rope then you dont need garbage bags. 

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