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Halloween Costume

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Bucket of Popcorn 

Submitted By: Jody Larmour 
Age: any age 
Time Required: 1 day 
Difficulty: medium 
Materials Required: box large enough to fit around child
white & red duct tape
popped popcorn
hot glue
construction paper 
Directions: Cut out a head hole and slide box over child. Make arm hole marks. Remove box from child and cut out arm holes. Place white & red duct tape in vertical stripes around the entire box, working around the head & arm holes. Use the construction paper to make a "Popcorn" sign for the front. Hot glue popped corn (do not use fresh popcorn) over the top of the box. Viola! 
Comments: I got SO MANY comments on this costume! My daughter loved it, but she had to take it off at school when it was time to sit down! :) 

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