DLTK's Christmas Crafts for Kids
Pinecone Ornament

Christmas Pinecone OrnamentThanks to Melissa for sharing this idea with us!

Melissa wrote, "I have a wonderful craft idea that I couldn't find anywhere so i would like to share it with you.  I do daycare and care mostly for 3-5 year olds and so we paint a lot. For Christmas we are painting large pinecones (that a parent brought me) green and then sprinkling glitter over the wet paint and hanging it by the string we put on the pinecone before we began painting.  The glitter makes the cone shimmer and very pretty.  It will most likely go as a tree decoration to give to their parents as a gift that THEY made and it is so simple that my one two year old did a fantastic job.   I hope you will share this with the others as it is cheap and easy and appropriate for all ages.  The cones can be made more elaborate with those little balls that you put on the cakes and tinsel from the tree!"

Thanks to Barb for contributing her variation on the same craft:

Barb wrote: "I just did a similar thing with my grand daughter.  Instead of the glitter, I stood the pinecone up in a milk cap that I had put plaster of paris in after I had painted the pine cone green.  After it was dry she put little pompom's on it to make it look like tiny ball decorations.  The milk cap helps to keep the pinecone sitting up and looks like a mini tree."



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