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corn syrup paintCorn Syrup Paint Father's Day Cards

Corn syrup paint is fun for young children to make and use.  The paint stays nice and shiny (almost like stained glass) -- unfortunately, it's hard to capture it with a camera.  Don't let the card get wet... water will "melt" the paint and make a mess (er, you really don't want any paper cards to get wet whether you're using corn syrup paint or not but I thought I'd mention it).

The paint is edible.  I don't suggest encouraging the children to eat it -- they'll end up bouncing off the walls with all the sugar.

I prefer "basic" colors like red, blue and green as I find them to be less muddy and more stained glass looking... but the kids often like playing "junior scientist" and mixing their own colors.  You can use this craft as an opportunity to learn about the color wheel.

Be a little careful with the food coloring -- if you drip it on a carpet or nice clothing, it will stain.

corn syrup paint materialsMaterials:


Craft Templates:

Butterfly card template

Crown card template

Flower card template

Heart card template

Star 1 card template

Star 2 card template

Tree card template


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