DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Father's Day Crafts

A variety of crafts for children to make as gifts or decorations for dad on Father's Day.  You may also want to check out our Sports Themed Activities -- taking dad Funky Bowling on Father's Day is a really fun family activity.

3D Father's Day Paper Craft

3D Paper Craft:  Happy Father's Day

A fun hanging for Dad's office

angel craft

Angel Paper Craft for Father's Day

multi cultural options available

fisherman bear

Bear Fisherman Paper Craft

I love you 'bear-y' much, Dad! - can use it as a Father's Day card.

fisherman bear

bear craft

Bear Paper Craft for Father's Day

I love you 'bear-y' much, Dad! - can use it as a Father's Day card.

business bear

book ends

Book Ends for Dad

These book ends make a great "keepsake" gift for dad or grandpa.

bunny craft

Bunny Paper Craft for Father's Day

This paper craft bunny rabbit doubles as a cute Father's Day card.

baby dinosaur paper plate craft

DINO-mite daddy!

Add "My daddy is DINO-mite to our hatching dinos paper plate craft or any of the other dinosaur crafts on the site!

doorknob hanging

Doorknob Holder or Wall Hanging

(multiple Father's Day options)

Walk a little slower daddy said a child so small

Footprints Poem

Depending on how sappy dad is, you might want to include a package of tissues with this one *wink*.

giraffe pencil holder

Giraffe Pencil Holder

suitable for grade school children

golf ball seeds

Golf Ball Seeds

The golf ball seeds are a great "gag gift" to accompany some real golf related presents for dad.

golf bear craft

Golf Bear Craft

great for preschoolers

Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small

Handprint Poems

Lots of different handprint based activities you can make for dad or grandpa.

lion magazine holder

necktie craft

Necktie Paper Craft

This is one of my favorite paper crafts to use as a Father's Day card.

Father's Day Paper Plate Wreath

Paper strip necktie craft

Paper Strip Necktie Craft

great for preschoolers

Father's Day Paperweight

father's day pot

Party Pot

Great for holding napkins and utensils at a BBQ

Australia crafts

Pencil Holder

suitable for grade school children

A good "tease daddy" gag gift for mommy to give!  *grin*

Permission to Date Daughter Form

Oh my gosh, this was SO much fun when we gave it to Darren. Our eldest was about 11 years old at the time and was just beginning to "notice" boys.

picture frames for dad

Picture Frames for Dad

Lots of different templates to choose from!

Father's Day Pinwheel Craft


kindergarten +

Treasure Chest

Pirate's Treasure Chest

The treasure chest craft wasn't originally made for Father's Day, but Darren said he'd like one to hold his treasures (he liked the skull and crossbones *laugh*)

quilt paper craft

scissor skills

Scissor Skills Project for Father's Day

Scissor skills projects are simple for preschoolers just learning to hold scissors.

scrapbook pages

Scrapbook for Dad

Any Age can help

shrinky dink patterns

Shrinky Dink Patterns for Dads

Age 5+ can make shrinky dink keychains to give dad on Father's Day.

dad craft

Stained Glass Craft

great for preschoolers

dad tshirt

T-Shirts Children Can Make

Turn a basic white t-shirt into a fun keepsake for dad to wear on family Sundays with these simple iron on t-shirt transfers.

paper mache tiger

Tiger Paper Mache Bookends or Paper Weight

suitable for grade school children