i love dad wall hanging

DLTK's Crafts for Kids
L O V E Doorknob or Wall Hanging

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

The hanging ends up about 2 feet long.

There are two different templates to choose from when you make this craft:

There are lots of options/modifications you can make to this craft to customize it a bit.  I've tried to add the ones I've thought up, but be creative!

The more OPTIONS you use, the harder the craft will be.  If you're doing it with young kids, keep it basic.  If you're doing it with older kids, let them add some options.




Here are some thoughts for template tops you might like to make instead.

Craft Templates:

Baseball I Love dad Template   (color)   or   (B&W)

Puppy I Love dad Template   (color)   or   (B&W)


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