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National Candy Corn Day

October 30th each year is National Candy Corn Day -- celebrating this sweet treat the day before Halloween makes perfect sense! It's one of the top selling Halloween candies each year.

Candy corn was created in the 1880s by George Renninger of the Philadelphia, PA-based Wunderle Candy Company. It was originally made by hand from sugar, corn syrup, carnauba wax, fondant, marshmallow and water. These days, it's made by machine (mainly by the Jelly Belly Candy Company in California).

Candy Corn Coloring Pages:

candy cane coloring pages
Candy Corn
(B&W) or (color)
candy corn tracer pages
Cc   Candy Corn tracer page
(B&W) or (color)


Candy Corn Crafts:

candy corn paper craft

Candy Corn Paper Craft

toddlers and up

Iron On T-Shirt Transfers

lacing project

Lacing Craft

great for preschoolers

paper plate wreath

Paper Plate Wreath

great for preschoolers

Halloween Shrinky Dink Patterns

Shrinky Dink Patterns

suitable for grade school children


Candy Corn Popcorn Ball Snacks:

A big bowl of Candy Corn treats is great fun to nibble on, but my favorite way to eat candy corn is by putting it in popcorn balls! If you have a popcorn ball recipe you love all you do is make that but substitute some of the nuts or popcorn you'd usually use with an equal amount of candy corn (I like about 1/2 cup of candy corn but you can use more if you like). If you don't have a favorite recipe, here's the one I use!




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