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Halloween Costume

50's Waitress 

Submitted By: lauren hillenberg 




Age: girls 
Time Required: about15-30 min. 
Difficulty: medium 
Materials Required: roller skates (not blades)

poodle skirt (make your own skirt and glue on a poodle cut from felt)

white t-shirt (make your own)

tray (optional)

apron (make your own)
Directions: Put on the shirt and the skirt, and then the apron over all that. Then you can put on the skates, and you're ready to go. 
Comments: If your child cannot skate very well, she can wear saddle shoes, or any other 50's looking shoes. Instead of your child using her real name, she can say " Hey, my name is (Candy, Shelly, Tammy,etc.), and I'll be your waitress the evenin'. 

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