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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Jen 




Age: any age 
Time Required: under two hours 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: white dress (can dress it up if necessary by hot glueing lace or gems on it).

I used a flower girl dress, but you could also recycle a first communion dress. (or make your own)

Veil material (I recycled my first communion veil)-large craft stores have a bride dept with some already come assembled.

Bouquet of flowers-your choice of color. I bought a throw away bouquet from the craft store cheap and attached ribbons as streamers. 
Directions: Make the dress as fancy as your little girl likes with glue on rhinedstones (diamond like) and lace. Then make the veil-I chose a halo type because it's easy to pin in their hair and it's not uncomfortable. Then put together the bouquet to your taste. 
Comments: For laughs I dressed up in an old bridesmaid's dress and I was my daughter's maid of honor. 

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