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Halloween Costume

Miss America 

Submitted By: Tracey 




Age: all 
Time Required: 20 minutes day of, but 24 hours on glitter glue drying time 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: Shop at the local thrift store or borrow from family and/or friends: A formal gown Make your own gown , crown, scarf or wide ribbon, crown
Make your own crown
, comfortable dress shoes, glitter glue (silver or gold)and one pin. Some items may be purchased from the dollar store. 
Directions: Using the glitter glue, write Miss America and the year on a pretty scarf or wide ribbon (Light solid color is best) Put on the gown, shoes, crown, and Miss America Sash over shoulder and along waist and pin. Add a little makeup. And wah-lah! Miss America 
Comments: Its best to purchase items day before. Do sash the day before to allow drying time. Good Luck and Have Fun! 

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