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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Kelly 




Age: Boys any age 
Time Required: 10 minutes 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: Button Up White Collar Shirt
Black Pants
Hair Gel
Vinyl cape
fake blood (optional)
Fangs (optional)
Black Nail Polish or Glow in the dark (optional) 
Directions: The shirt and pants can be left over from a suit or wedding clothes (ring bearer, etc,). Or go to a local consignment store to find some for cheap. The cape, fangs and blood are usually available from the halloween stash at the dollar store. Nail polish can be found at a variety of places. If you want, paint the nails or get stick on decals to give a spooky affect. Use the nail polish and fake blood as directed. With the hair gel, use the same amount as a teaspoon. Slick back hair to give a spooky look.
Comments: A cool idea would be to take a sheet of black construction paper and trace the light side of a flashlight then do your best to draw a bat or a jack o lantern. Cut out from circle. Tape on light. Shine on! 

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