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Halloween Costume

Bubble bath 

Submitted By: Lauren M 




Age: 7+ 
Time Required: Half of an hour-1 hour 
Difficulty: easy-medium 
Materials Required: 15-30 white or light blue baloons
White shirt and pants or a simple gown
Shower cap
Rubber duck, scrubby cloth
white shoes
white face paint  
Directions: Blow up as many balloons as you can. Attach them with safety pins to your long sleeve white shirt and pants. Not too many to your pants because you might have trouble walking! Attach scrubby cloths to your shoes hold a rubber ducky in one hand and you treat bag in the other. To spice up your treat bag you can cut out construction paper and make many different sizes of circles and tape them to your treat bag. Make white circles with face paint on your face and other revealing skin. This is a very bubble-ishes costume:) 

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