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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Joyce Moore 




Age: Infant to Toddler 
Time Required: About 8 hrs 
Difficulty: Easy 
Materials Required: A red sweatsuit, Black fabric paint, a red stocking cap, some green felt and a hot glue gun.

Face makeup (store bought or home made
Directions: On the sweatsuit and stocking cap paint little black dots to look like the seeds on a strawberry. Let paint dry over night. Cut the felt into 4 leaf shapes and glue onto top of stocking cap. Let glue dry and you are ready to go. I also painted a pair of old white sneakers red but this is not nessary.

OPTIONAL: Paint pink circles on cheeks


If you are having trouble finding the pieces for the costume in the store, or if you like sewing parts of your own costumes, check out these ideas:

1) Make your own tunic shirt from red material

2) Make homemade makeup

3) Make a skirt from red material.

4) In colder climates especially, make a cloak from red material and add pink or light yellow teardrop shapes as seeds -- you can fringe the top of the cloak with green felt leaves. You can wear this overtop of a warm jacket. The pattern does not require sewing.
Comments: Not only do you have a costume but you have a warm costume. My daughter won 1st place in a costume contest in her strawberry outfit. 

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