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Halloween Costume

Lamb or Sheep
(with Mary Had a Little Lamb mommy/baby idea) 

Submitted By: Jen 




Age: Any (looks nicest on babies and toddlers) 
Time Required: 2 hours 
Difficulty: medium difficulty 
Materials Required: white hooded sweater with matching sweat pants. If you cannot find a hooded sweater and regular sweater and cap or headband will work too.

cotton batting or stuffing from a pillow

white felt for ears

double sided tape

two pairs of black socks (or one pair black socks and one pair black mittens)

Face makeup (store bought or home made
Directions: Apply strips of double sided tape up and down the sweat suit.

Press cotton onto tapes in clumps.

EARS cut two ears from white felt. The shape of the ears is a bit like a peanut. You can see the shape on the templates for the lamb paper plate craft

Either hand sew or hot glue ears onto the hood. If you hand sew, you can easily remove the ears after Halloween and use the clothes for normal wear.

OPTIONAL: You can add a little bow to the top of the head to "pretty" up the sheep costume a bit.

LEGS: Have child wear one pair of black socks on his hands and one pair on his feet (or black mittens on hands and black socks on feet)

OPTIONAL: Paint face white and nose black. Make homemade makeup 
Comments: Mary Had a Little Lamb: This is a very cute mother/baby costume idea... dress the child up like a little sheep and the mom up in a dress, straw hat and cane with some rosy red circles and maybe some eyeliner freckles on cheeks.

In colder climates, for either costume (lamb or Mary) you can make a cloak from white material for the lamb and any girly material for Mary - so you still feel dressed up despite the winter clothes. You can wear this overtop of a warm jacket. The pattern does not require sewing. 

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